Silvia Prietov, Visual Artist.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia.

I obtained a "Visual Arts Master with emphasis on Audiovisual" degree in 2008 at Javeriana University, Bogota, Colombia and a "Visual and Plastic Arts Magister" masters degree (in a full Scholarship Program)  in 2012 at National University of Colombia (Bogota campus)

Animator, Illustrator, Art Director (for live action and animation) and Film Director ::: Visual Artist :::

I have participated in several festivals, contests and exhibitions with professional film productions. I won an Art Direction Award for a live action shortfilm "T.V." ("Best Art Direction" Viart, Venezuela 2006), A Minute film award ("One Minute On Air" RCN and The British Council, Colombia 2008), LG award ("Ultimate Display" Eyeka, 4th place, Paris, 2012) and  FULL SCHOLARSHIP WINNER at Vancouver Film School Contest 2013.


I have 2 years of experience working as an Animation, Film Narrative and Art Direction for Animation professor at The National University of Colombia. Also I have a year expierience working with "1881 Animation", a 2D animation studio based in Bogotá, Colombia.  During my time there I was an Animator, Background Artist, Color Script and Lighting Artist for 2D animation projects (two shorts and one season for a Kids T.V show called "Don Quijote de la Láctea")

I recently graduated with honours from Vancouver Film School, Classical Animation Program. I currently live in Mexico City working as key animator for the NICKELODEON T.V Show "Pig Goat Banana Cricket.